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Feel It to Heal It

We find comfort in the expression, "Time heals all wounds." Just let some time pass and things will work themselves out, right? This can be true for some situations and experiences, absolutely. But even small wounds left untreated are at risk of infection, leading to the need for more intensive treatment and care than if they had been properly attended to from the get-go. Likewise, it's important to address even the small mental and emotional wounds in our lives. To do that, we need to work THROUGH them. This may mean taking the band-aid off for a period of time to examine the wound underneath. It can be uncomfortable and even painful to address, and many of us unconsciously (and understandably) choose to ignore the wound instead. It's easier that way, at least in the short term. But what happens when we get another wound, and another, and another? Band-aids can only do so much. Doing the hard work now will lead to greater life satisfaction and happiness in the long run. It's the ultimate act of self love to be willing to FEEL it to truly HEAL it.

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