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Sometimes it seems like few can relate to what we're going through. How many times have you been told, "It's not that bad," "Get over it," or "Stop thinking about it?" While likely well-intentioned, these comments often invalidate a brave attempt at gaining support. If only it were really that easy to get rid of the anxiety, self-doubt, shame, and moodiness, caused by life events that haven't gone quite right. I recognize that it can be frustrating to feel unheard and misunderstood. It may even lead to thinking that you're the only one dealing with this. It takes a lot to seek support, and I applaud you for taking this first step.

I provide a positive, non-judgmental environment to explore difficult or conflicting thoughts and feelings. My goal is to help you gain self-awareness and insight in order to create change and feel your best. My technique is very collaborative so that you get what you want out of therapy. Let's focus on what's important to YOU.

Clients describe me as helpful, authentic, compassionate, and humorous. Therapy doesn't have to be stale! If you agree, click the button below to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

Trauma: Services
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