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Highly Sensitive People (HSP): About Me

Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

You’ve been told, more times than you can count, that you’re “too sensitive.” “Over-emotional.” Or that you “overreact.” You feel your emotions deeply. You may even cry easily.

You also get tired easily. Social interactions, loud noises, and busy environments overwhelm and drain you.

Yet despite feeling drained, you have difficulty sleeping at night. Your mind replays the same exchange, event, or concern over and over. It’s hard to shut off. When you’re finally about to drift to sleep, the slightest sound startles you back to full consciousness.

Talk about agony.

You have a hard time saying no. You agree to yet another commitment when you know your plate is already full. You feel resentful – toward both yourself and the person to whom you made the commitment.

You apologize. A lot. Even for things that aren’t your fault. When you DO say no, you quickly throw in a “sorry” or two (or three). The last thing you want is to be the reason that someone is upset.

Maybe apologizing will lessen your guilt for saying no. Or perhaps it will relieve that unbearable feeling of awkwardness.

But you tend to feel awkward around other people anyway. While you're deeply compassionate towards others, you worry about their opinions of you. You want to please others and be liked.

You might be missing the most important thing, though.

How much do you actually like yourself? Is it possible that it's less than you would like to like yourself?

What might it be like to have the same amount of compassion toward yourself as you have toward others? Can you imagine being rid of your self-doubt? How about prioritizing your own needs without feeling guilty?

Picture yourself better managing those times when you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or drained. Think about how life might be different once you cultivate and embrace your strengths as an HSP!

All of this is possible, and more.

I’m ready when you are. 

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